The Challenge

After 4 years of solid property growth, a 13% decline in new builds was predicted.

Stockland tasked Affinity ID with a forward-thinking marketing challenge. They had observed a rapid change in consumer buyer behaviour, threats from real estate marketing businesses and a unique opportunity to leverage scale. Stockland sought a transformative solution to prove that marketing leads for their properties, can be successfully established and nurtured digitally, independent of high-touch personal sales teams.

The Solution

A multichannel lead management, nuture and qualification framework

This solution is now central to Stockland’s vision to link every touch point and put customers at the heart of all interactions. National Conversion Marketing manager, Paul Jenkins. 'Our customers interact locally with sales professionals but also increasingly with digital assets such as our Stockland website and house and land finder. There is enormous benefit to the customer if we can learn from each interaction to enrich the next conversation.'

Affinity ID’s solution includes personalisation on the Stockland website, integration with the enterprise CRM and automated, hyper-personalised communications with more than 250,000 unique message journey combinations.

Increase in digital leads. With 32% more anonymous website visitors converted to leads.

Shifting from transactional interactions with unknown customers, to a connected experience based on each customer’s unique needs.

Customers were changing, they no longer turned to realtors for advice. Digitally savvy they were happy to research online themselves. Traditionally a customer interested in 3 separate communities would be treated as 3 separate leads. That’s 3 conversations with 3 different sales representatives, all asking the same questions to the same customer.

Stockland needed to increase it’s lead capture rate and manage it’s sales pipeline digitally and fast.

Affinity ID delivered an end-to-end solution comprising of:

  • New online data caputre process for new leads and re-engagement
  • Data validation and cleaning across all input including firstname and surname cleansing and certainty of valid email data
  • Third party data enrichment and persona attribution
  • Progressive profiling and advanced decisioning for appropriate milestone communications
  • Digital customer intelligence gathering powered through monitoring user activity on Stockland owned digital assets and third party real estate / property valuation websites
  • program of trigger driven email, SMS and contact centre initiated communications, personalised based on more than 2,000 unique, behavioural driven combinations
  • Communications are all personalised from local Stockland sales professionals to improve personal relationships at a rate of efficiency that is not otherwise humanly possible
  • Integration with Stockland’s Seibel based CRM system to populate sales intelligence data directly from a custom built marketing data mart

Creating a single source of truth

Personalised content is published on the Stockland residential website through a feature called ProBar. For an anonymous visitor, ProBar immediately suggests nearby Stockland communities based on the users location and referring page source. “The ProBar is an online personal assistant, it simplifies navigation to signpost content most relevant to the individual customer” says Jenkins.

The program learns each customers’ need and buyer readiness based on intelligence from CRM, pages the customer visits and stated customer data. The ProBar module then adapts its display to serve the individual, suggesting online resources which relate to their decision stage. ProBar gathers feedback from the customer to progressively grow a deeper customer profile. Customer knowledge collected from ProBar is immediately delivered into the CRM to better inform the next sales conversation. Similarly, information shared with a sales professional notifies ProBar via the CRM in real time.

Email messages are decisioned to maintain a dialogue. Messages are triggered following receipt of any new information, either online or through a human conversation. “Connecting our human and digital touch-points improves customer experience” says Jenkins.

Data rules are compiled to generate concise, relevant and compelling messages explains Affinity ID’s General Manager, Clint Bratton. “A customer interested in two neighbouring communities is still one customer. With this approach, this customer is managed by a single dialogue, personalised from a single sales contact. Each customer gets unique treatment but collectively all the messages produce relevant communications at a scale that is not humanly possible” he says.


Our customer centric design principles led to significant results, and surpassed Stockland's expectations

Proving that a customer-centric, digitally powered communications process can successfully nurture and qualify leads for a high value, 6-figure consumer purchase.


Increase on the previous quarter.


Improvement in converting website visitors to leads


of customers self-qualifying inside 30 days.