how we think

Data science

Data science underpins every aspect of the Symphony way of working. From the influential role customer data plays to shape strategy through to the logic that determines complex message swaps-outs, we use data to nurture, develop and grow customer relationships for our clients.

Our data strategists, statisticians and analysts combine, mine and manage data to derive actionable insights that allow our clients to create consistent customer experiences, exceeding customer expectations and growing business value.

how we think
One source of truth

We organise and securely combine disparate data sources to create a single single customer view.

Expert analysis

Our in-house data strategists and analysts derive business insights to guide decision making.

Reporting dashboards

You can quickly and easily assess reach, interactions and conversions through visual dashboards.

Data security & privacy

Our secure and robust data handling procedures are supported by 20 years experience in the industry.

how we think
how we think


Technology is the enabler that brings the Symphony way of working to life. Our technologists work with you to determine the best-fit tool or tools for your organisation. And we get that you start with what you have – we’ll meet you and understand your current technology stack and roadmap.

We have the experience to work and integrate seamlessly with operational systems, CRM platforms, marketing automation platforms, DMP’s, 3rd-party data stores and more. We’re platform agnostic, blending proven principles of design-thinking and strategy with the right technology for our clients’ needs.

Make it easy

Our experts work with you to understand your business needs, current technologies and future goals before recommending options.

Our Approach

We develop a shared roadmap with your marketing and IT teams and work with your wider team to add expertise or flexibility where it is needed.

Integration expertise

We’ve integrated data pipes, API’s, sophisticated automation platforms and new technologies securely and effectively with no impact on client-facing or key business systems.

Fit-for-purpose tech

We work with a range of technology platforms, and have developed our own award-winning Symphony MarTech platform which combines complex data sets and message decisioning into single (or multiple) templates to deliver highly targeted, personalised multi-channel communications.

how we do


Brief is our proprietary tool that gives you greater visibility of your campaigns. See the business rules that govern whom you speak to, such as inclusion and exclusion criteria, view your audience size and see details of previous campaigns, all without leaving your desk.

Brief ensures rules can be reused accurately and easily for future campaigns, saving time and improving efficiency.

Soon, Brief will allow you to add, change or update business rules as your organisation’s needs change and select custom audiences, without any technical or coding background.  

how we do



Our team of award-winning marketing specialists work directly on your business to understand how best to connect with your customers. By partnering their instincts with layers of carefully curated customer data, the customer experience becomes more meaningful, relevant and timely.

It’s also proven to be effective. Our blend of human expertise and data science has consistently positioned our clients as leaders in 1:1 communication within their industries.

  • Marketing strategy to ensure best-match between your marketing goals and customer motivations.
  • Design-thinking led workshops to develop new digital products, communication programs and services.
  • Customer journey mapping to identify points in the customer journey and touchpoints most likely to benefit from process or communications interventions.
  • Engagement program design and review to assess and optimise systems, communications, data messaging and creative.
  • Campaign analysis to deliver insightful analysis and reporting, enabling you to constantly improve communications and program performance.
  • Strategic account management to align our work streams with your business roadmaps.


Our UX specialists, interactive designers and writers give the data science and customer insights a voice for each customer. Every aspect of a communication, from strategy and copy to design, creates a compelling message to drive behaviour change.

It’s creative that works as evidenced by rising customer engagement, increasing customer value and lower costs to serve.

  • Creative strategy to align creative with customer motivations and create behaviour change.
  • User experience design to intuitively guide customers through desired message hierarchies and journeys.
  • UI design to connect with customers and encourage repeat engagement.
  • Copy writing to compel customers to take action, connect with your brand and remain loyal.

Business Intelligence

Data is giving businesses the ability to transform their customer experience.

To make data meaningful, we help businesses hold, structure and process their growing volume of customer data in such a way that insights can be quickly and easily accessed to inform decision making.

We plan, design and build the necessary integrations and infrastructure to support this at scale.

  • Database design to create a database architecture that aligns with how you do business and the interface you want your customers to interact with.
  • Data structuring for seamless access to relevant data.
  • Data transformation and processing enabling integration of disparate data sources.
  • Productionising the decisioning algorithms and behavioural modelling that the Customer Insight team create to garner insights.

Customer Insights

We help you better understand your customers and communicate with segment-of-one precision.

We bring together data, research, technology and marketing strategy to provide a richer, more relevant customer experience. Through behaviour modelling and decisioning algorithms, we help businesses to become more customer- centric.

  • Data science to better understand your customers, when to engage with them and how.
  • Decisioning algorithms to determine priority messaging and content for each individual.
  • Behaviour modelling to identify propensity to purchase, loyalty and churn risk.

Digital Development

Our focus on user experience, underpinned by a proven design-thinking approach, guides every aspect of digital development from web work and apps to APIs. It’s an approach that brings results. By leading with customer-centricity during development, conversions are boosted and optimised.

To enable clients to see results quickly, work is delivered in an iterative way to ensure value is realised early and often. We adhere to best-practice standards and security-based development.

  • Website development as an interactive and intuitive platform for customers to engage with.
  • App development to extend and augment interactive and communication platforms.
  • User acceptance testing to ensure products are fit for purpose and always evolving.
  • Game development to enhance and promote customer engagement or achieve goals through gamification.

Analytics and Reporting

Our team of data scientists are experts at creating single customer views. By compiling multiple sources of information – offline, online and transactional – they can seamlessly connect behaviour across channels and extract meaningful and valuable insights to inform business decisions.

The approach is collaborative - the team works with other internal and external teams to build insight-driven programmes and actionable customer segmentations for cross channel programmes.

By embedding testing and optimisation practices within our processes we can easily demonstrate the value of programmes and their business impact.

  • Segmentation to define key audiences.
  • Customer analytics to pinpoint behavioral motivations.
  • Digital analytics to recognise online actions.
  • Report development to drive business decision making.
  • Targeting to focus on customer subsets and drive behaviour change.
  • Post campaign analysis to refine and adapt programmes for greater success.
  • Optimization & Testing to measurably demonstrate value of programme/campaign.

Communication Production

Our team of communication production experts realise the strategic and creative vision for a campaign - delivering highly targeted, hyper-personalised messages to customers across multiple channels.

Involved from campaign start to finish, they select audiences based on criteria, manage complex targeting requirements, provide email reputation management and share expertise on platform capabilities to determine the best-match for each client or campaign.

  • Email production that’s fast, efficient and accurate
  • Targeted content to initiate behaviour change for customers with high readiness-for-change as identified by propensity modelling.
  • Criteria-based audience selection across multiple channels including POS, email, SMS and logged-in online messaging.
  • Dynamic POS messaging that responds to differing motivational drivers for subsets of customers.
  • DMP targeting to motivate action after considering the sum of an individual’s online and offline interactions.
  • Expertise and advice on email reputation management to maximise message delivery for each client.